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Publications Currently IN PRESS

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Werner, P., Hammerschmidt, K., & Newman, J. (in press). Acoustic
    properties of vocally disruptive behaviors in the nursing home. Gerontology.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Lipson S. (in press). The under-detection of pain of dental etiology
    in persons with dementia. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Libin, A., & Lipson, S. (in press). Differences in presenting advanced
    directives in the chart, Minimum Data Set, and through staff's perceptions: Which
    directive is it? The Gerontologist.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (in press).  Recruitment rates in gerontological research: The situation
    for drug trials in dementia may be worse than previously reported. Alzheimer's Disease
    and Associated Disorders.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (in press).  Consent and refusal in dementia research: Conceptual
    and practical considerations. Alzheimer's Disease and Associated Disorders.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (in press).  Agitation in the elderly: Definitional and theoretical
    conceptualizations. In D.P. Hay, D. Klein, L. Hay, & G. Grossberg (Eds.): A Practical
    Guide to the Diagnosis and Management of Behavioral Disorders in Dementia. American
    Psychiatric Press: New York.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (in press).  Relatives' assessment of pain in cognitively impaired nursing
    home residents. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Camp, C., Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Capezuti, E. (in press).  Nonpharmacological interventions
    for dementia: Enhancing and maintaining mental health in long-term care
    residents. Psychiatric Services.


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