Research Associate/Project Director, Research Institute on Aging

Affiliated Faculty, Department of Psychology, Georgetown University    

E-mail: libin@hebrew-home.org


Dr. Alex Libin joined the Research Institute on Aging as a Project Director in 1999.  His research experience included both extensive academic training (in a laboratory of psychology and psychophysiology of individuality organized by one of Ivan Pavlov's students, B. Teplov) and in applied areas (covering educational, occupational, clinical, and cross-cultural studies).

Currently a project director for a study supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) under the auspices of a grant entitled "Treatment Routes for Exploring Agitation," he focuses on individualized non-pharmacological interventions in agitated cognitively impaired elderly people.  Alexander is also involved in the development of several projects on using modern technology, such as Internet, Virtual Reality applications and Robotics for aged population.  For the purposes of these projects a community-based technology center 'Virtual Communications' was established in 2001 at the Revitz House, at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington.

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Professional Interests

Complex systems in virtual reality and human psychology, interdisciplinary approach to 'person - digital environment' interactions, non-clinical analysis of behavioral and personality problems, modern information and robotic technologies in aging.

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