Research Assistant

Phone: 301-770-8454


    Andrew joined the staff of the Research Institute on Aging in September 2001.  He is currently
involved in the study entitled "Treatment Routes for Exploring Agitation," focusing on individualized
non-pharmacological interventions  for demented elderly people
who perform agitated behaviors.  Andrew has participated in the Loneliness study,
whose goal is to implement activity groups in different housing complexes in the community of
Rockville and beyond.  

     Andrew is currently coordinating the visitation program at the Revitz House at the Hebrew Home,
where children from Ashburton Elementary School come to interact with the senior citizens
and participate in group activities.  Andrew has been trained in the administration of assessment instruments
which include the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI), Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE),
and Agitation Behavior Mapping Instrument (ABMI).

    Andrew's interests include development of technological innovations in gerontological research,
from Web-based studies to implementation of technology in different behavioral interventions, as well as
assisting in the maintenance of the Research Institute's website development.  He is involved in the 
development of the Robotic Cat projects as well.

B.A. Psychology, Cornell University, May 2001.




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