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Presentations 1985-1987

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1985, June). Staffing of nursing homes: Implications for research. National
    Conference of Geriatric Mental Health Research. Key Biscayne, FL.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Leviatan, U. (1986, July). The function of work at different stages in the life
    style: The kibbutz perspective. 21st International Conference of Applied Psychology, Jerusalem,

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Kerin, P. (1986, August). Agitation in nursing home elderly: A quantitative
    development of the concept. Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association,
    Washington, DC.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1986, November). The relationship between agitated behavior and cognitive
    functioning in nursing home residents. 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological
    Society of America, Chicago, IL.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1986, November). Research on agitation and its relationship to cognitive
    functioning. Second Annual Mental Health Workshop, "Meeting the Challenge of Mental Health
    Care for the Elderly," of the Maryland Office on Aging, Baltimore, MD.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1987, June). Agitated behavior in long-term care: A conceptual review.
    Geriatric Medicine Teaching Day: Behavior Management in Long-Term Care, State University
    of New York, Health Science Center, Syracuse, NY (keynote address).

Rosenthal, A.S., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1987, August). Stress among nursing staff in a nursing
    home: A pilot study. 1987 Joint Statistical Meetings, San Francisco, CA.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Leatherman, J., Meade, W., Watson, V., & Gordon, M. (1987, November).
    Temporal patterns of agitated behavior in residents of an Alzheimer's unit: Preliminary
    results. 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America. Washington, DC

Riddick, C., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1987, November). Stress in family memebers of nursing home
    residents. 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America.
    Washington, DC.


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