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Presentations 2002

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2002, February). Behavioral management of acute agitaiton. American
    Association of Geriatric Psychiatry, 15th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

             See also: Agitation in nusring home residents - alternatives to chemical, physical
                           restraint. The Brown Univeristy Geriatrtic Psychopharmacology
                           Update, Vol. 6, No. 4, p. 1, 5-7.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Taylor, J.W. (2002, March). Critical factors associated with hearing aid use
    in nursing home residents. American Medical Directors Association 25th Anniversary
    Symposium, San Diego, CA.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2002, April). Management of depression and behavioral disorders associated
    with dementia. American Geriatrics Society Expert Panel Discussion, San Diego, CA.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2002, May). Which advance directive matters? An analysis of end-of-life
    decisions made in the nursing home. American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific
    Meeting, Washington DC.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2002, May). Shouting and other vocally disruptive behaviors: Assessment
    and intervention. Colloquium of Psychogeriatrics - 7th Edition, Quebec, Canada.


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