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 Publications 1998-1999

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Martin, L.S. (1999).  Assessment of agitation in older adults,
    in P.A. Lichtenberg (Ed.): Handbook of Clinical Gerontology Assessment, (pp. 297-
    330), John Wiley & Sons: New York.

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    agitated behaviors in the elderly. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,
    14(10), P831-P844.

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    Withdrawal of Haloperidol, Thioridazine, and Lorazepam in the nursing home. Archives
    of Internal Medicine, 159, 1733-1740. Also abstracted in the Brown University
    GeroPsych Report, October 1999, 3(10) 3-4, and in Modern Medicine, December
    1999, 67(12), 19. And in Annals of Long-Term Care, January 2000, 8(1), 86.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Werner, P. (1999).  Outdoor wandering parks for persons
    suffering from dementia. A survey of characterization and utilization. Alzheimer's
    Disease and Associated Disorders - An International Journal. 13(2), 109-117.

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    dementia. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 25(2), 42-51.

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    mortality in nursing home residents. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 52(4), 273-280.

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    vocalizations manifested by verbally agitated nursing home residents. Aging and Mental,
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    zu Arbeitsbelstung, Beanspruchung, Streb und ihren Folgen. Research concepts on
    occupational stress and its consequences. (German chapter) In A. Zimber & S. Weyerer,
    (Eds.): Job stress among geriatric caregivers. Gottingen: Verlag fur Angewandte

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Taylor, L., McConnell, D., Horton, D. (1999).  Estimating the
    cognitive ability of nursing home residents from Minimum Data Set. Outcomes
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    one social interactions for treating verbally disruptive behaviors. Journal of Mental
    Health and Aging, 4., 3:323-334.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Taylor, L. (1998).  The relationship between depressed affect,
    pain, and cognitive function: A cross-sectional analysis of two elderly populations.
    Aging and Mental Health, 2(4):313-318.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Werner, P. (1998).  Predictors of aggressive behaviors: A
    longitudinal study in senior day care centers. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological
    Sciences, 53B(5), P300-P310.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Taylor, L. (1998).  Assessing and understanding agitated behaviors
    in older adults. In M. Kaplan & S. Hoffman (Eds.): Behaviors in Dementia: Best Practices
    for Successful Management. Health Professions Press, Baltimore, MD. 25-44.

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    of adult day care centers: Assessments by caregivers, staff, physicians, and self-report.
    Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 15(1), 8-17.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Werner, P. (1998).  Longitudinal changes in behavioral problems
    in old age: A study in an adult day care population. Journal of Gerontology: Medical
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Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Werner, P. (1998).  Visits to an outdoor garden: Impact on
    behavior and mood of nursing home residents who pace. In B.J. Vellas, J. Fitten, G.
    Frisconi (Eds.): Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease Intervention in Gerontology.
    Serdi Publishing: Paris, France. Also abstracted in French: Effets d'un jardin therapeutique
    sur les troubles du comportement el l'humeur de residents de maisons de retraite presentant
    une deambulation. Maladie D'Alzheimer (1977), 4, 199-201.


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