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 Publications 2000-2001

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Pawlson, G., Lipson, S., Volpato, S. (2001).  The measurement of health:
    A comparison of indices of disease severity. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 54, 1094-1102.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2001).  Nonpharmacological interventions for inappropriate behaviors in
    dementia: A summary, review, and critique. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 9(4),

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Lipson, S., Brenneman, K.S., Pawlson, L.G. (2001).  Health status of
    participants of adult day care centers: A longitudinal study. Journal of Health and Social
    Policy, 14(2), 71-87.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2001).  Letter to the Editor: Diagnostic categorization of behavioral and
    psychological symptoms in dementia. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 9(2), 180-181.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Taylor, L., Woosley, R., Lipson, S., Werner, P., & Billig, N. (2000).
    Relationship between psychotropic drug dosage, plasma drug concentration, and prolactin
    levels in nursing home residents. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 22:688-694.

McShane, R., Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Werner, P. (2000).  Predictors of aggressive behaviors.
    Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease, 3, 183-188.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  "Nonpharmacological management of behavioral problems in
    persons with dementia. The TREA model," Alzheimer's Care Quarterly, 1(4) 22-34.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  "Theoretical frameworks for behavioral problems in dementia."
    Alzheimer's Care Quarterly, 1(4): 8-21.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Garfinkel, D., Lipson, S. (2000).  Melatonin for treatment of sundowning in
    elderly persons with dementia - a preliminary study. Archives of Gerontology and
    Geriatrics, 31(1), 65-76.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  The use of patient characteristics to determine non-pharmacologic
    interventions. International Psychogeriatrics, 12(suppl.1), 373-380.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Golander, H., & Arnheim, G. (2000).  Self-identity in older persons
    suffering from dementia: Preliminary results. Social Science & Medicine, 51:381-394.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  Heterogeneity in dementia: Challenges and opportunities.
    Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders, 14(2):60-63.

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    Rubinstein & M.P. Lawton (Eds.): Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Strategies in
    Care and Research (pp. 39-65). Springer Publishing Company: New York.

Werner, P., Cohen-Mansfield, J., Fisher, J., Segal, G. (2000).  Characterization and
    effectiveness of family-generated videotape for the management of VDB. Journal of Applied
    Gerontology 19:1, 42-57.

Kruzich, J., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  Assessment of Satisfaction: Summary of Published
    Scales. In: Cohen-Mansfield, J., Ejaz, F.K., & Werner, P. (Eds.). Satisfaction Surveys in Long-
    Term Care. (pp. 257-271). New York: Springer.

Werner, P., Ejaz, F., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2000).  Ethical Issues in Conducting Customer
    Satisfaction Surveys in Long-Term Care Institutions. Cohen-Mansfield, J., Ejaz, F.K., &
    Werner, P. (Eds.). Satisfaction Surveys in Long-Term Care. (pp. 244-254). New York:

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Cohen-Mansfield, J., Ejaz, F., & Werner, P. (Eds.) (2000).  Satisfaction surveys in long-term
    care. New York: Springer. Reviewed in the Journal of Social Work in Long-Term Care,
    Vol. 1(1) 2002, and in The Gerentologist, Vol 40(6), 2000.


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