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Publications 1986-1989

Werner, P., Cohen-Mansfield, J., Braun, J., & Marx, M.S. (1989).  Physical
    restraints and agitation in nursing home restraints. Journal of the American
    Geriatrics Society, 37(12), 1122-1126. Also published in Restraints and the
    Frail Elderly Patient: Practical Considerations for Hospitals and Nursing Homes,
    155-159, June 1990. Hospital Association of New York State. Also published
    in the accompanying printed material for the educational video entitled
    "Developing Alternatives to Restraints." Medcom, Inc. Garden Grove,
    CA, 1992.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Werner, P., & Marx, M.S. (1989).  An observational study of
    agitation in agitated nursing home residents. International Psychogeriatrics, 1(2),

Cohen-Mansfield, J., (1989).  Agitation in the elderly.  In N. Billig & P. Rabins
    (Eds.), Advances in psychosomatic medicine: Geriatric psychiatry, (pp. 101-113).
    Basel, Switzerland: S. Karger.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Watson, V., Meade, W., Gordon, M., Leatherman, J., &
    Emor, C. (1989). Does sundowning occur in residents of an Alzheimer's unit?
    International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 4, 293-298.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Marx, M.S., & Werner, P. (1989).  Full moon: Does it
    influence agitated behaviors of nursing home residents? Journal of Clinical
    Psychology,45(4), 611-614. Abstracted in The Brown University Long-term
    Care Letter, 2(8), April 1990, p.5.

Marx, M.S., Werner, P., Fridman, P., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1989).  Visual
    acuity estimates in the aged. Clinical Vision Sciences, 4(2), 179-182.

Marx, M.S., Werner, P., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1989).  Agitation and touch in
    the nursing home. Psychological Reoprts, 64, 1019-1026.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Marx, M.S., & Rosenthal, A.S. (1989).  A description of
    agitation in a nursing home. Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences,
    44(3), M77-M84.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Rosenthal, A.S. (1989).  Absenteeism of nursing staff in
    the nursing home. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 26(2), 187-194.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Marx, M.S. (1989).  Do past experiences predict agitation
    in nursing home residents? International Journal of Aging and Human,
    Development, 285-294. Also abstracted in Abstracts in Social Gerontology, 33(1),
    113, March 1990.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., (1989).  Sources of satisfaction and stress in nursing-home
    nursing staff.Journal of Advanced Nursing, 14, 383-388.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Kerin, P., Pawlson, L.G., Lipson, S., Holdridge, K. (1988).
    Informed consent for research in a nursing home: Processes and issues.The
    Gerontologist, 28(3), 355-359.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Rosenthal, A. (1988).  Characteristics of absenteeism in
    nursing home staff. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 295 099).

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1988).  Agitated behavior and cognitive functioning in nursing
    home residents: Preliminary results. Clinical Gerontologist,7(3/4), 11-22.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Marx, M.S. (1988).  The relationship between depression
    and agitation in nursing home residents. Comprehensive Gerontology, 2, 141-146.

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1987).  The relationship between agitated behavior and
    cognitive decline in nursing home elderly: Preliminary results. (ERIC
    Document Reproduction Service No. ED 182 465).

Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1986).  Agitated behaviors in the elderly II: Preliminary results in
    the cognitively deteriorated. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society,
    34(10), 722-727.

Cohen-Mansfield, J., & Billig, N. (1986).  Agitated behaviors in the elderly I: A
    conceptual review. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 34(10), 711-721.


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