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Publications by Research Topics

Agitation/Behavior-problems in the elderly
Predictors and characteristics
      Environmental influences on behavior
      Verbally Disruptive behaviors/Screaming
      Pharmacological treatment
      Nonpharmacological treatment

Advance directives/Autonomy
      Preferences concerning end of life treatments
      End of life
      Utilization of advance directives
      Autonomy of nursing home residents
      Use of physical restraints in the nursing home

Caregivers: formal and informal
      Nursing home staff
      Staff Stress
      Back injuries to nursing staff
      Family caregivers
      Satisfaction surveys

Understanding the frail elderly

      Staging methods for cognitive change
      Pain in the frail elderly
      Preserved identity in dementia
      Depression and its assessment in the noncommunicative elderly
      Sleep assessment in the frail elderly
      Vision in the frail elderly
      Religious beliefs and practices
      Mobility and falls

Research in the nursing home
      Informed consent for research
      Facilitation of research in clinical nursing home staff members
      Using the MDS

Services for older adults
      Psychiatric consultations in the nursing home
      Adult daycare


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