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Services for older adults

Psychiatric consultations in the nursing home

Samter, J., Braun, J. V., Culpepper, W. J., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (1994).Description of a      

     program    for               psychiatric consulations in the nursing home.The American Journal of GeriatricPsychiatry, 2(2), 144-156.Also abstracted in The Brown University Long-term Care Quality
Letter, 6(9), May 16, 1994, p. 7.

Adult daycare

Cohen-Mansfield, J., Besanksy, J., Watson, V., & Bernhard, L. J. (1994).Underutilization of adult 

     day care: An exploratory study.Journal of Geriatric Social Work, 22(1/2), 21-39.

Cohen-Mansfield,J., Lipson, S., Brenneman, K.S., Pawlson, L.G.(in press)  Health

      status of participants of adult day care centers: A longitudinal study.Journal of Health and Social

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